1. Where are PGTL labs located?

PGTL has 4 gem testing laboratories. They are located in:
• India: Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Mumbai, Maharashtra
• Sri Lanka: Colombo and Beruwala


2. Who are your gemmologists?

The PGTL team is compromised of a group of chief gemmologists with 40+ years of combined experience in gem testing and diamond grading. Our chief gemmologists Sheriff Abdul Rahuman , Idris Mohideen , and Darshana Peiris are supported by a group of junior gemmologists.


3. What experience does your leadership team have?

• Sheriff Abdul Rahuman:
DGemG (Germany) MGA (Sri Lanka)
40 years in hands-on gem testing,
• Idris Mohideen
10+ years in diamond grading and gem testing.
• Darshana Peiris
Cert.in Gemmology (Sri Lanka), GIA Alumni Assn. Member
35 years of hands-on experience


4. What are PGTL’s core services?

PGTL, as a leading gem testing laboratory, offers a range of services in the gem testing, grading, and certification space. Our core services include:
• Coloured stone testing and identification
• Diamond grading and certification
• Certificate and lab report issuance


5. What types of reports does PGTL offer?

PGTL understands precious gem buyers and sellers may have unique needs. With this in mind we offer three levels of reports:

• Card (gemstone brief): The basic gem identification cards.
• Mini report: Additional details in a booklet form
• Full report: A comprehensive report including complete details about the diamond or coloured stone.


6. What is your turnaround time?

Typically your diamond or coloured stone will be certified within 36 hours of receipt at one of our laboratories. With that said, we understand that sometimes time is of the essence. Thus, we can offer express service of under 6 hours (additional charges apply) when possible.


7. Do you have an express service?

Yes. We never want testing and certification to get in the way of an urgent deal. Use our express service (availability permitting) for an additional charge to get your report within 6 hours.


8. What kind of gemstones does PGTL certify?

PGTL certifies nearly all coloured stones and grades diamonds of all sizes and qualities.


9. What treatments and other alterations to stones can PGTL detect?

Our expert gemmologists keep a close eye out for treated stones. Our equipment and team can identify treatments including:
• Heat treatment
• Surface diffusion
• Oiling
• Dyeing
• Coating
• Laser drilling
• Glass filled
• Flux enhanced

and many more. Ensure you are getting what you paid for testing your precious gems and diamonds at PGTL.


10. Are treated gemstones priced lower than untreated gemstones?

Yes, treated gemstones are generally much less expensive that untreated gemstones. However, oftentimes consumers are not aware they are buying treated gemstones. To be sure you are buying an untreated gemstone, and getting what you pay for, always insist on a third party certification report from a top lab like PGTL.


11. Can you test for cobalt in spinel?

Yes we can identify if your spinel has cobalt in it.


12. Do you give fancy colour trade names on reports?

Yes, where applicable. If the gemstone colour matches our colour grade criteria then we issue the colour terms as addressed in the trade.


13. Can you certify mounted jewellery?

Yes, we can typically certify mounted jewellery. However, it is certified as mounting permits.


14. Do you grade diamonds?

Yes, PGTL are experts in diamond grading. We grade diamonds for Colour, Clarity, Cut, Carat, Polish, Symmetry, and Fluorescence. Colour grading is carried out by comparing your stone against GIA Master Stones benchmarks.


15. Can I verify your reports online?

Yes, All of our certificates are viewable online on our website www.pgtlabs.com as soon as they are issued. Worried about the authenticity of a report? PGTL is just one click away.


16. I have lots of stones/jewellery and I don’t want to travel with them. Can PGTL do on-site testing?

Yes, on the condition that a minimum agreed upon volume is being tested we are happy to do our testing on your premises. Note, some gemstones may require advance testing, which will have to be sent to our lab for observation under advanced lab equipment.


17. Can I track the status of my submission online?

Yes, you can. Just register on our website to obtain your username & password.


18. Can I ship some gemstones to you for inspection?

Yes, you can ship them to our labs. Shipping and insurance will have to be arranged by you prior to sending. Contact us for more details.


19. What equipment does PGTL use to test gemstones?

PGTL uses advanced equipment to accurately issue reports and certificates. Our equipment includes:
• Raman Spectrometers
• UV-Vis NIR Spectroscopy
• FTIR Spectroscopy
and standard gemmological equipment. Of course, our most important equipment are the expert eyes of our experienced gemmologists.


20. Can you issue a co-branded certificate with my company logo?

Yes. We are happy to issue a co-branded certificates for retailers. Give your buyers the trust that comes with offering certified diamonds and precious gem stones.


21. Do you issue bi-lingual reports?

Yes. On request we can issue bi-lingual in English & Chinese. Use this feature to sell in one of the world’s fastest growing markets, China.


22. I lost my report; can you issue me with a duplicate report?

Yes, we can issue duplicate reports for a nominal fee.


23. How can I be certain that a PGTL issued report is authentic?

– Access the reporting centre on our website: www.pgtlabs.com,
– Scan the QR code on the certificate to instantly open the report on your phone linked to our website.
– Look out for our original hologram on our Mini & Full reports


24. Can I scan the QR code on your reports?

Yes, scanning the QR code on the report will open the report linked to our website.


25. Are your reports accepted by worldwide clients?

Yes, our reports are actively used and trusted all around the globe.


26. Do all of your branches offer the same high standard of service?

Yes. We have a robust system of checks in place that ensure your items are treated safely and securely while being accurately graded or certified. Our database structure and software offers accurate and complete storage of records while our friendly customer service team is always available to assist you.