Company Profile

Before Precious Gem Testing Laboratory (PGTL) was established, diamond and precious gem owners in Sri Lanka and India had limited ability to accurately test, grade, and value their stones. They were faced with outdated equipment, antiquated methods, and a general lack of clarity. PGTL has changed this.

At our state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with some of of the most advanced gem testing equipment we provide unbiased, accurate certification for both loose stones and jewellery. From precious gems to coloured stones to diamonds we give our customers the exact details they need in a professional and affordable manner.

PGTL is comprised of a team of highly qualified gemologists including GIA qualified Graduate Gemologists with a combined 35+ years of experience in gem testing and certification. PGTL closely follows global standards of diamond and coloured stone testing, grading, and certification. PGTL is an international gem laboratory with locations in both Sri Lanka and India.
With PGTL, all gems are tested by at least two gemologists before the certificates are issued. This, coupled with the use of advanced testing equipment including FTIR, UV-VIS, Raman Spectrometer, and more, assures an unprecedented level of accuracy in our reports. PGTL is proud to receive international acceptance, with our reports being used all around the world. Additionally, PGTL has a very quick turnaround time on reports, which can easily be verified on demand at www.pgtlabs.com .
PGTL is committed to continuous research & development, both to continually update our gemmology and diamond grading services and to contribute to advances in the field at large.
We are proud to enjoy a wide customer base: from gem miners to large jewelery retailers to end customers, we provide value in the form of accurate reports to the entire ecosystem.
PGTL, with your support, is a growing and successful gem laboratory catering to the public by delivering trust, confidence and integrity in diamond and precious gem testing and certification.