Precious Gem Testing Laboratory Services

PGTL offers comprehensive gemstone identification, grading, and testing services in Sri Lanka and India.
PGTL is able to provide industry leading accuracy and clarity in reporting by testing all gems by at least two qualified and experienced gemologists using advanced testing equipment. Our precious gemstone testing services include:

1.) Identification of and reporting for gemstones

From basic identification of the stone type, to determining whether the gem is synthetic or natural, to advanced reports on clarity and colour enhancements, PGTL providers accurate gemstone reports to our customers. PGTL is proud to be the only gem lab in Sri Lanka, and one of a select few in India, with Raman Spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrometer and FTIR testing to deliver unsurpassed accuracy.
Choose PGTL for all your gemstone and diamond reporting, grading, and certification needs.

2.) Detection of gemstones treatments including heat, oil, and dye
Often times, gemstones are treated or altered in an attempt to appear higher quality than they really are. PGTL understands this and includes enhancement, detection techniques as part of our testing. PGTL delivers opinions on issues including heating treatments, surface diffusion of sapphires and other varieties of corundums, emerald oiling, glass fillings of rubies, jade coating and dying, and more.
Choose PGTL to make sure your diamond or other gemstone is the quality that you believe it to be.

3.) Diamond Certification
PGTL accurately certifies diamonds for the 4Cs – Colour, Clarity, Cut & Carat Weight. Colour grading is done against GIA Certified Master Diamonds.
Mounted diamond jewellery can also be certified and issued with a report. These gradings will be in the form of mounting permits to prevent damage to the jewellery while grading takes place.
Contact PGTL for accurate, expert, trusted diamond grading and certification.

4.) Jewellery reports for coloured stones

PGTL issues reports on all coloured stones and precious & semi precious gems as well. By having experienced gemologists using high tech testing techniques and advanced equipment PGTL is able to offer accurate reports to customers.
Contact PGTL for accurate grading and certification of coloured stones, diamonds, and gems.

5.) Co-branded reports and certifications

Build credibility in your brand by offering reports and certifications in your company name. PGTL can create both full reports, mini reports and gemstone memo briefs (cards) with your company logo incorporated on the face of the report alongside our logo. Your logo on the reports and cards will become a unique selling tool to gain customer confidence and trust during their purchase process.
Contact PGTL for co-branded or white-labeled diamond and precious gem testing and certification reports.
6.) On-site lab service for bulk bookings
For our volume customers, PGTL provides mobile lab services to test gems on-site at your establishment. Our qualified and experienced gemologists will test and certify the stones at your place of business. Use this service to produce accurate, trusted reports and certificates without your gems ever having to leave your place of business. Worrying about lack of stock when a customer visits your premises can also be solved.
Contact PGTL for mobile gem testing lab services.

7.) Optional bi-lingual reports in English & Chinese

PGTL offers both single language English and bilingual English & Chinese certifications and reports. Use these reports to build trust in the Chinese speaking gem market — which is the fastest growing gemstone market in the world.
Contact PGTL for bilingual precious gem and diamond reports and certifications.

8.) Online report verification
All PGTL certificates can be tracked 24/7/365 online from the website www.pgtlabs.com This enables your overseas and local customers alike to choose their gems by checking it against PGTL’s trusted reports for authenticity and quality.
Contact PGTL for online access to your precious gem reports.

9.) Re-issue / duplicates of lost or misplaced certificate

Enjoy peace of mind of being able to easily get a duplicate report if you or your customer lose your copy. Duplicates can be issues for a minimal fee if the original report number is provided.
Get a fresh copy of your precious gem report by contacting PGTL.

10.) Verbal verification of reports and certifications

If you need merely a verbal verification in order to expedite a pending deal we are happy to give our opinion on the gemstone to you without charging additional for reports.
Contact PGTL for industry leading customer service.

11.) Full stone certification on both mounted or loose gem
Full report, Mini report and Memo (Cards) can be issued on all gemstones whether they are loose or mounted on jewellery.
Contact PGTL for certification of both loose and mounted gems.