Trusted, Reliable Precious Gem Testing & Certification

PGTL’s state of the art laboratories in Sri Lanka and India are equipped with the most advanced gem testing equipment available including FTIR, UV-VIS, and Raman spectrometers. This advanced equipment, operated by experienced, trained, and trusted gemologists enables PGTL to produce accurate and insightful precious gem certifications and reports.
The PGTL difference includes:

  • Trust & Confidence – The lab is manned and directed by experienced gemologists with 35+ years of hands-on experience. This assures our customers that they are receiving the most reliable and accurate gem reports possible.
  • Sri Lanka’s only, one of India’s few, gem testing laboratories grading diamonds colour grade against GIA graded Master Stones. This ensures that your diamonds are graded to precise international standards.
  • Online report access – PGTL customers can view and verify reports online from anywhere in the world giving unsurpassed convenience and peace of mind.
  • Quick turnaround time – PGTL offers a fast turnaround time of 36 hours ensuring diamond testing and certification is never a roadblock in getting the deal done.
  • Express service – Express service of only a few hours (depending on availability) is available at an additional charge.
  • Bilingual reports – Keeping modern trends in mind, PGTL offers bilingual reports (Chinese & English). This enables you to penetrate the most important growing gem markets.
  • >Co-branding – Your company logo and name can be printed on our gemstone briefs. This will build trust in your brand while delivering accurate, expert reports.
  • Mobile lab services – PGTL’s mobile lab is ready to conduct on-site testing at your establishment, giving you even more convenience.
  • To get started, contact PGTL, Sri Lanka and India’s top gem and diamond certification company